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I can’t even begin to tell you how exited I am that two of my house plants have blooms!!!  This is no small thing.  I used to drag half dead violets to my Gramma, who had the most beautiful violets, as does my mother, in the world!  I however did not inherit this house plant violet growing gene.  So imagine my surprise when my violet started blooming, apparently it loves my son’s bedroom.  And even more exiting than the violet blooming is the peace lilly that has been on the brink of death since it came to me when my father in law passed five years ago, it has never bloomed and has done good to survive.  Well I guess it also loves my son’s room because it too is blooming.  My plants have not always lived in this miracle working plant room, that used to be my daughters room and for about a month was my sewing room until my runaway bunny (my son) came home to live after trying it on his own for a summer.  This room gets the morning sun, which my son hates but the plants love.  So here are my beautiful blooms.

                                               Not quite a bloom yet but it’s coming!

                                  These look more blue in this photo but they are the prettiest purple!


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Works In Progress

Normally I am a one at  a time kind of girl.  I don’t ever like to work on more than two projects at any given time unless I am working on something to give someone.  Well somehow in the past year I have gone WIP crazy.  Yes I know some stitchers out there would laugh but this is a lot for someone who does one project and finishes it before starting a new one. 

While working on my “Mary Victor sampler”, from The Examplarery,  I became aggravated because I messed up the border and I grew tired of Algerian Eyelet stitches, so I started another Sampler “Seaside Memories” By Tanya Marie Anderson “The Sampler Girl.”   So no big deal, that’s just two.  Then I started my Sampler Club sampler and my two project minimum flew out the window!  And now I am working on three small projects “Joyous Heart” from Homespun Elegance, The Posy Collection “Mount Hood”, and a “Festival Of Trees” by Mill Hill on perforated paper. 

I have vowed to start no more projects until I finish at least a few of these.  I haven’t even mentioned what I have stashed away and kitted up ready to stitch when these are finished.  They are my motivation to finish what I have started.

The WIP’S  

                                                                  Part of the Stash

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This and That

I have been in a stitching frenzy the past few days!!  I hadn’t worked on my Sampler Club Sampler since before I left for my trip and as I told you in a previous post I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next.  Going to our Sampler Club meeting always inspires me to work on my sampler.  So yesterday I organized my stash and got to work on the next portion of my Sampler.

I am so exited because I can finally see it all coming together and an end is near.  It will be a bitter sweet moment when I finish this sampler. I have been working on it diligently for a year and it is to date the largest needlework project I have ever done not to mention the most challenging as there is no pattern and much of what I have done I have just learned in the past year. 

I also wanted to share with you that I think I have finally figured out what my green silk mystery thread is!  I love this thread and have used it throughout my sampler but have been referring to it as mystery thread, well I am pretty sure it is The Thread Gatherer Silk N’ Colors Marsh Grasses.  How appropriate is that name, considering how I used it to look like sea grass in one of my bands?

I didn’t take any pictures of my progress yet, hopefully tomorrow I can get some taken and loaded on my blog.  So I will leave you with a video of my favorite Downton Abbey character, since I am in Downton withdrawal waiting for season 3.

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I have joined Susan’s Stitching Party!!  You can check it out here and join the party!  Thank you Susan for this opportunity to share with other stitcher’s what we are working on.  I love to see what other’s are working on, it gives me inspiration!  Happy Stitching!!  

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My Sampler Update

I was able to finish my drawn thread bands on my sampler before leaving last week for Oregon but just haven’t had the time to take photo’s and put them on my blog.  I am so glad to have these bands finished, they have been the most challenging thing I have done on my sampler thus far.  Maybe because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and messed them up.  Well regardless of all my repairs I made to fix my stupid mistakes I think they turned out quite well.  Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do next, I have a few ideas but nothing definite.
The drawn thread bands are all done with Petite Silk Lame` Braid SP33 by Rainbow Gallery (I love this thread!) and the other two bands done in green are a varigated silk that I have no idea what it is, I bought it discounted because it was missing it’s tag.
The first drawn thread band is the Diamond Hemstitch.
The first green band is the Montenegrin Stitch.
The second drawn thread band is done with half Diamond Eyelets and Coral Knots.
The second green band is done with Scotch Stitch and alternating Scotch Stitch.
The third and final drawn band (the one I messed up) is done with Hemstitch and Herringbone Stitch.

Please excuse my terrible photography and my un-pressed linen, I am a work in progress when it comes to photos and I hate to press linen.

 Our Sampler Club meets this coming Saturday so maybe I will get some feedback from the other ladies on where to go from here.  Can’t wait to see what we will be learning!  Hopefully I will get to write a post about it this weekend.  My daughter is having 4 of her friends over for a birthday sleep over, eek!  Should be an interesting weekend!  Hope you all have a good one!

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Hello and Welcome


Me, view from Silcox Hut

Hello and welcom new followers!  I have been absent from my blog the past week and wanted to thank you for following my blog.  It was a nice surprise to see new comments and followers while I was on my vacation.
I just returned last night from a trip to Oregon.  I flew out there for my brother’s wedding last week.  It was the trip of a lifetime!!  It really was one of the most beutiful places I have ever been and I had a wonderful time.  My brother and his beautiful wife put together the most amazing wedding, and the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.
I am off to rest, recover and relax from living in the Pacific time zone and a much higher altitude than I am used to here in WV.  I leave you with a few pictures from my trip.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Mt.Hood Oregon
View from condo, Government Camp
View from Silcox Hut


Silcox Hut, the wedding venue



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Major OOPS!!

The past two days my stitching has been a total bust!  Everything I have stitched since yesterday I have had to rip out and do over.  The big one was last night.  I have been doing some drawn work on my big sampler that I have been working on for a year, and realized after I got the threads pulled for the last drawn work band that I was not down far enough from the previous band.  I was off by two fabric threads and in the moment I realized it I thought I would be sick, as my mistake had not left me enough room to work the ladder stitches across the top of the band!  However I did not panic and vow to never stitch again, I just started thinking of how in the world I was going to get two fabric threads back in and adjust this drawn band that had been cut out of my sampler.  Thankfully I got the idea to pull threads from the bottom of the fabric and re-weave the fibers back into the fabric.  After two hours of weaving 4 lengths of threads back in and pulling and re-weaving 4 other threads I am finally back on track.  I have learned a valuable lesson in all this, NEVER try to do drawn work embroidery while gabbing and always give it your undivided attention.

So today I decided to give myself a break from my sampler and work on something simpler.  BAHAHAHA!!  Well it should have been simple, if I knew how to read a pattern properly (because I was gabbing again).  I’m working a simple little scissors fob, by Homespun Elegance, that is supposed to be over one, two strands and worked with 1/2 cross stitch.  OOPS, I didn’t do 1/2 cross stitch and it really looks bad so right now I am taking a break from frogging it out and starting over.

Hopefully if I can keep my mouth shut and stop gabbing so much I will have some progress to share on my sampler this weekend, but at the rate I’m going who knows what kind of trouble I’m going to run in to.  Wish me luck at getting our of this stitching mistake rut I’m in.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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