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Spring is my favorite time of year, I love everything about it with the exception of pollen and shedding pets, I even love the rainy days.  This time of year is full of new life.  We have a mommy Robin nesting in our front yard in one of our Bradford Pear trees.  I am very concerned that she has nested way to low in the tree, I’m praying that critters don’t get her babies.  That happened in our back yard last year and I was devastated! 

In various places around our house we have bird bottles.  We first saw these in Williamsburg Virginia and I fell in love with them!  Bird bottles were discovered in the Colonial area there in Williamsburg and have been reproduced from their 18th century findings.  Small birds will nest in these bottles and are quite fascinating to watch.  Last year a family of sparrows took up residence in one of our bottles and had a piece of white foam that resembled a mattress hanging from the bottle, guess it wouldn’t fit through the door of their humble abode.

These are just a few of our bird bottles, we have bought one every time we have been to Williamsburg VA.  We have bought all but one at the Pottery Factory, which is getting ready to have their big grand re-opening.  The only other place I have seen bird bottles was in Manteo, NC.  It was a blue one hanging on the side of the Roanoke Island Inn, I never did find them for sale but the next time I go I will be inquiring as to where I can find one for our collection.

Bleeding Heart
Crabapple Tree Blooms.

Everything is starting to bloom in our yard.  The Crabapple tree in our back yard is blooming and it is one of the most beautiful trees for having such a crabby name.  I’m really looking forward to the Hydrangeas, Rhododendron, Azaleas and my Roses.  Ahh, there is nothing more beautiful than Spring!!


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I can’t even begin to tell you how exited I am that two of my house plants have blooms!!!  This is no small thing.  I used to drag half dead violets to my Gramma, who had the most beautiful violets, as does my mother, in the world!  I however did not inherit this house plant violet growing gene.  So imagine my surprise when my violet started blooming, apparently it loves my son’s bedroom.  And even more exiting than the violet blooming is the peace lilly that has been on the brink of death since it came to me when my father in law passed five years ago, it has never bloomed and has done good to survive.  Well I guess it also loves my son’s room because it too is blooming.  My plants have not always lived in this miracle working plant room, that used to be my daughters room and for about a month was my sewing room until my runaway bunny (my son) came home to live after trying it on his own for a summer.  This room gets the morning sun, which my son hates but the plants love.  So here are my beautiful blooms.

                                               Not quite a bloom yet but it’s coming!

                                  These look more blue in this photo but they are the prettiest purple!

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