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Oh what a bad blogger I have been!  It seems I have been neglecting more than my blog, I have also been neglecting my stitching.  I just can’t find the time to stitch lately as things have been a bit busy around my little cottage.  I have also been helping my husband a bit with his blog, he recently went back to work after 5 months of recuperating from shoulder surgery and he asked if I would write a blog post for him from time to time.  I think that is funny because I am not a writer and his blog is about gardening which I know absolutely nothing about.   You can check out what I wrote here and here, so far I have just written two posts for him, hopefully I can continue to help.  Although I am at a total loss as to what I should write about next.   

I am happy to report to you that my baby Robin is alive and well, I see him every day!  He likes to hang out in my back yard.  I even woke up the other morning to him sitting on top of the privacy fence right outside my bedroom window chirping his head off.   I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this little fellow is doing so well and it is wonderful to see him fly!

I did a little antiquing this past weekend, I have to be very careful when I do this as my small cottage is busting at the seems and I always seem to find something I can’t live without.  I had to make a few rule’s several years ago for my husband and I to follow while antiquing (he is worse than me).         
1. You have to really love the item, if you think you are going to kick yourself for the next 10 years
about not buying it you should go ahead and buy it.
2.  You can’t buy it if you don’t have a place to put it.
3.  If you don’t have a use for it or a place for it you don’t buy it.

Thus far these simple rules have kept us from being hoarders of antiques and such.  So while I was on my little antique outing I did find a few things that I could definitely put to good use.  I found a little sewing stand to sit beside my stitching chair, it has a little tray inside for my scissors and tools and a place to put some of my projects.

 I also found two little canvas bags that you can stitch on with two bags full of floss, at $5.00 a piece I thought they were a steal!  I can’t wait to stitch something on them.

Well I must sign off now, I have a house to clean and a mountain of laundry to do, so that maybe I can get some stitching in this weekend!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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