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Wow!!  Has it really been 5 months since I last posted?  It really doesn’t seem like it has been that long but I guess time flies when your having fun.

The past 5 months have been a whirlwind for me.  Just shortly after my last post we took a much needed trip to Avon, North Carolina for some sun, sand and surf.  We had a nice time and even stopped for a night in Williamsburg Virginia on our way home.  I can’t seem to get enough of that place!

Not long after our beach trip we lost power for several days due to the Derecho storms that passed through our area.  My daughter and I didn’t hang around long for that, we packed up the car and headed to my mother-in-laws in North Carolina for a visit.  We really did make lemonade out of lemons because we had a really nice visit and got to go to Ikea for the first time.  Unfortunately my husband had to stay behind to hold down the fort and go to work.  I think we were without power for a total of 4 nights and we sustained minimal damage.  We lost half of a pear tree, had a water leak in the bedroom and lost a refrigerator full of food.  It could have been much worse and was for many people.

As I told you in my last post I finally finished my “It is Well” sampler.  I entered it in the West Virginia state fair and won a blue ribbon in the sampler category.  I was so thrilled, I nearly squealed when I saw it had won.  I am still attending sampler club and learning new things but I have yet to start a new sampler.  I have some ideas but I am just not sure what I want to do so I am taking a break from sampler creating for now.


I have finished some small things and I am nearing the end of my Seaside Memories Sampler by The Sampler Girl.  I have three other projects in the works right now, “Merry Christmas to Ewe” by Brenda Gervais, still working on the Mary Victor sampler from the Examplarery (which I don’t think I will ever finish), and I just started on the “American Sampler” from Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine from March 2011, which is going to be a challenge for me.  Not to mention I am dying to start “Hallow Wee House” by Chessie & Me, I love these little kits!  They are so fun to stitch!

Joyous Heart-ornament & fob (Homespun Elegance)

Glory House (Chessie & Me), Winter Squirrel (Victoria Sampler), A Little Love (Lizzie Kate), Joyous Heart-ornament &fob (Homespun Elegance)

I sat down to stitch for a little while last evening and realized that I could not find my favorite pair of Dovo Hardanger scissors (pictured above).  I started thinking about where I had been and the last time I saw them and remembered I was at the Toyota dealership getting my oil changed.  I always take something to stitch when I have to wait.  Sure enough, I called and they had my scissors!!  I guess I need to make something to tie them around my neck because apparently the fob didn’t keep me from loosing them.  I must be more careful with my expensive scissors.  Big huge thank you to whoever found them and turned them in!!!  

I hope everyone is warm and safe.  My heart is so heavy for everyone who has been affected by the recent hurricane, super-storm.  So many here in my state of WV are suffering without electricity in freezing temperatures.  In our higher elevations roofs are collapsing due to the heavy snow.  We were very blessed, we only lost power for one day this time and didn’t have as much snow as others around us, even 6 miles down the highway they had several inches more.  Please remember everyone that was in the path of this horrendous storm and keep them in your prayers.

Well hopefully I won’t wait so long to check back in with you all.  Now that summer and volleyball season are over I hope to be able to get some stitching done as well as some blogging.  Until then everyone take care!!


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I would really love to share with you what I am working on right now but since it’s a gift I should probably wait until I’ve given it.  I will take photo’s and share the finished product soon!

I can share with you a few things I stitched for Christmas this past year that I had so much fun stitching and not so much fun finishing.  I took a class at Village Sampler on a Saturday that lasted most of the day that was called “Twelve Needles”, we learned 12 different stitches that day. We would learn each stitch, do part of the row, park the needle and move on to the next.  Needless to say my eyes were crossed by the time I left, but it was so much fun!  We stitched “Silver Stitches” by Charlotte Smyth of Charlottes Web Needlework from the 2008 edition of Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue. 

I loved this ornament and so enjoyed stitching it that I stitched another one in green for my mom for Christmas backed in green velvet.

In the fall I took another Saturday class at Village Sampler to stitch “O Christmas Tree” by Charlotte Smyth of Charlottes Web Needle Work published in Just Cross Stitch 2009 Christmas Oranament issue.  This ornament wasn’t as difficult to stitch as the other and I enjoyed stitching it even more but I’m not happy with my finish work.  This was the first time I ever finished one like this and probably will be my last.  I guess it’s not so bad for my first time.

This next ornament is really more of a door knob hanger that I did for my mother in law for Christmas.  Our wonderful shop owner Patty at Village Sampler gave us Sampler Club ladies a kit for Christmas Spot Sampler, Flowers & Friends, Elizabeth’s designs by Elizabeth Foster.  I really liked working this little sampler, it was so much fun to stitch!  Well the fun ends there, I had never worked with velvet before and I must have ripped this thing out 20 times before I finally got it right.  I sewed it on the machine and it kept creeping on me, it took an entire day to do the finish work but it was well worth it in the end.  I ended up sewing my mom’s (the green one above) by hand since I had such a hard time with this one.

Well that is all for now.  I’m hoping to get some stitching in today, maybe make a big pot of chili and enjoy the snow flurries.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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