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I have been catching up on my blog reading this evening.  What I have been reading makes me sad and angry.  I am sure most of you have read about the copyright issues that are plaguing the needlework industry.  I am not a designer just a gal who loves needlework, and I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for the designers. These designers are artists and their works are being copied and stolen.  They put a lot of time, money and effort into the designs they create and they are not making loads of money doing it, really if you added up their time, expenses and supplies they aren’t making anything.  

I am sure there are some who are ignorant to the fact that when they copy and share a chart it is illegal, but once you are informed that what you are doing is illegal you need to stop.  there are others who don’t care that they are stealing, as long as they are getting something for nothing and getting by with it they will continue.  Some people don’t have a conscience.  Wonder though how they would react if they pulled up to their favorite needle work shop only to discover that it has closed for good?  Or they visited an online needlework distributor only to find that they are no longer in business, and how sad would they be if their favorite designer decided to stop designing? All the while they contributed to their demise by downloading pirated copies of designs they should have purchased from the designer, an LNS or an online retailer. 

 I read in one article that one of the excuses people give is that they can’t afford the charts.  That is seriously lame!  Most charts I have purchased are around $8.00, and I spent almost that much on my lunch yesterday at Chix Filet without batting an eye.  If a person really can’t afford to buy charts and loves to stitch there are many designers who have down loadable freebies on their sites.  Truth is they want something for nothing, that is sadly how our society is, everyone wants a handout.  But I’m not going to get on my bandbox about that.

So next time your mom, neighbor, sister or your BFF wants to copy that gorgeous design your stitching, tell her no that she needs to purchase her own or better yet buy her one yourself and support the needle arts industry so it will be around for years to come.  And for crying out loud don’t ever download charts off the Internet from some free chart website, not only is it stolen but you don’t know where that thing has been either!  But hey if you are brazen enough to steal stuff then I guess you deserve to have a computer full of Trojan’s (virus’s that is).  And keep in mind that when you copy something that is copyrighted, whether you give it to your neighbor or upload it to a website, you are breaking the law, it was sold to you for your personal use and you don’t have a license to reproduce or distribute it even if it’s a pdf design it is still copyrighted.  Lets all do our part to support our needle arts industry, and please support your local LNS when possible if you are lucky enough to have one.  I have two in my area, the one I shop at is Village Sampler in St.Albans WV, I am so thankful to be able to shop and stitch there and I can’t imagine it not being there.  Village Sampler just celebrated it’s 25th birthday on my birthday March 25th, looking forward to many more birthdays with my favorite shop. 

Goodnight all, hope you all have a Happy Easter!!

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