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Normally I am a one at  a time kind of girl.  I don’t ever like to work on more than two projects at any given time unless I am working on something to give someone.  Well somehow in the past year I have gone WIP crazy.  Yes I know some stitchers out there would laugh but this is a lot for someone who does one project and finishes it before starting a new one. 

While working on my “Mary Victor sampler”, from The Examplarery,  I became aggravated because I messed up the border and I grew tired of Algerian Eyelet stitches, so I started another Sampler “Seaside Memories” By Tanya Marie Anderson “The Sampler Girl.”   So no big deal, that’s just two.  Then I started my Sampler Club sampler and my two project minimum flew out the window!  And now I am working on three small projects “Joyous Heart” from Homespun Elegance, The Posy Collection “Mount Hood”, and a “Festival Of Trees” by Mill Hill on perforated paper. 

I have vowed to start no more projects until I finish at least a few of these.  I haven’t even mentioned what I have stashed away and kitted up ready to stitch when these are finished.  They are my motivation to finish what I have started.

The WIP’S  

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